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What is Human Design?

Would you also like to know who you are, or wouldn’t it be nice if you had a manual for yourself, for your child or partner? If you really want to know how you operate then Human Design gives you the insights. It shows you to what energy and qualities you naturally have consistent access to and which not. Which qualities you're attracted to, but not necessarily belong to you and your role in this life. It can also show what others do to you and why you one person gives you a good feeling and the other makes you leak energy. Human Design is becoming more and more a familiar system and assumes that each person is unique, has a unique design that has been fixed from birth. If you are going to live according to these instructions then you live your life and you will notice that you can better address your role and that of course gives energy and balance in your life.
In 1987, the Canadian Ra Uru Hu - former physics student, businessman at that time -  had a special experience in Ibiza. During the super nova 1987a he received enormously detailed scientific knowledge. Ra was very skeptical and worked for many years alone on the Human Design System, which it is now called, before it came out. In recent years more and more people worldwide gain access to this unique logical scientific knowledge and its practical application to their daily lives.
Human Design is made based on your birth data and contains information including astrology, I Ching, kabbalah, chakras, genetics, biochemistry, quantum mechanics and anthropology. Through a special computer program a calculation is made and we get to see your design. In a reading you get a good insight in your qualities and pitfalls and how you benefit out of it in everyday life. If you want to dive into the knowledge itself you have enough reading for the rest of your life. However, everything starts with experimenting with your own design and the manual for daily life you receive during your first reading. Actually the principle of Human Design is very simple: you are born with your unique design and that includes a manual which you apply when making decisions. The essence of life is that we are every day exposed to various influences, impulses, questions and encounters. It's up to you how you deal with them. Do you take decisions based on the needs of your environment, your family, the media, or do you follow your unique role in this life? This also means that you do not need to know and be able to do everything in this life. Live your own unique life, love yourself, that's enough.
You are unique
We all play a unique role in this life. If you can see that you're a small piece in a larger whole of mankind and that we each play a unique role, you can accept that you do not need to do everything. In fact, you can begin to see that the qualities and pitfalls that you've got are part of the same coin: your uniqueness. This system does not lead to 'Happiness'. The sun does not shine every day and you do not shine every day, that’s okay. Precisely the rain or storms in our lives, or winter cold, ensure that we can feed our souls in these times or reflect on the true essences of our live. The Human Design System and insights for you herein will lead you to your unique core and from there you can lead your life as it is correct for you. This system makes you aware and gives you many insights into yourself. If you are going to operate correctly you are more aware, awake in your daily life, and go on your unique path in life and love yourself. Is that happiness? Whether this is more than happiness? A fulfilled life in any weather conditions. Rain, wind, storm, it's all part of the life cycle. The point is that you learn to deal with all these changes from your uniqueness.
How does a reading work?
If you come for a reading you get to see your design. This is your energy chart or roadmap for this life. On this map you can see nine energy centers that are connected to each other through channels. If the centers are colored -defined- you have you 24/7 access to this energy. These areas provide insight how you can act from your true self and are there to show to the world. In a reading we will of course discuss these colored centers and channels. We will also talk about the not defined -white- energy centers. In these open areas we can significantly be affected by our environment and you may be tempted to operate from your not-self in life.
For example, let’s take the open emotional center, then you react in principle not from emotions. Once other people with their emotions come near you it touches you big time. This allows you to think you're very emotional, but that's not the case. I always thought I was very emotional. If a friend with an emotional issue payed a visit to me and left, it could stick with me for days, while the friend had already dealed with it while he was at my place. However, I have an undefined emotional center. All emotions come from outside and can touch me deeply, and from my not-self if I attach to them… wow. I can really feel the difference after a few days training when I make a beach stroll, all the emotional layers I can peel off, layer after layer and I return to my true-non-emotional self. Wonderful to see and feel this difference. In the open centers we can become wise. Here you can learn how emotions work and what it does to people and guide them for example.
Type and manual
Which centers are colored in determines what type you are. When you know what type you are you can use this to make correct decisions in life. In Human Design we call this determining your strategy based on your inner authority. After your first reading you experiment with making decisions based on this strategy. Before we get to the different types briefly something about our society and people in general. We humans each have a unique role and we are here to join in our lives and develop our society, mutate, transform. Just as in nature, a cyclical growth can be observed: a beginning, a growth and blooming, a completion or ending, or transition to something new. Every project, every job, every idea starts somewhere ..... it will be caught on by others, then it is rounded up and brings another new initiative. As we grow and mutate cyclically. 70% of humanity is here to work! 8% to initiate and the rest is here to guide and lead. Let's see how this works by type.
The Manifestor (8%) is here to initiate, take action themselves. Manifestors are here to live independently. Because they belong to the initiators, they are often not understood. To the anger of the manifestor. Strategy is informing before you act. Let others know what you're doing and think or talk with others about the impact of your (possible) action on your environment. The key question for the manifestor is: whom do I impact?
For the generator (70% of people) it’s important that you do what gives you the most satisfaction. It is important that the generator responds, responding to what life offers and then checks whether what is offered gives you a nice feeling or not. That response comes from within and consists of sounds like 'aha or mmm' (yes) and "uh-uh" (no). It is therefore important that the generator is asked direct questions. If generators are not responding but initiating they go to fast -faster than life itself- and the business or relationship or whatever they initiate will not give them satisfaction. Result is frustration and quiting. The generator is always connected with life’s energy and can therefore end each day tired and go to bed and wake up every morning with new energy, if he / she responds to life. The key question for a generator is: who am I to myself? What gives me energy and what does not?
The Projector (21%) can better wait till his / her talents are seen by others (read the energy types as the manifestors and generators) and wait for the call before taking action. This will often be in the field of leading and guiding the energy types. They see the talents of others. However, if they do not wait for the invitation they also go too fast and are not seen by the energetic generators and manifestors and they become bitter. Waiting for the invitation before making a decision is the strategy for a projector. The key question for a projector: Who is the other? By observing the other the projector can learn about the other, who is good in what and guiding a project or whatever the track is to success herein.
Finally, the reflector (1%). With all centers open the reflector is very sensitive to the energy of others. Taking the time to be with their own wisdom is therefore essential, and also the biggest challenge. The key question for a reflector is: who are they? Through being alone after being in a group the reflector -if she / he is alone- discover what is truly self and what is not. Also, the reflector can learn by observing ‘them’ and become wise in the open areas. The strategy for a reflector is waiting a whole cycle of the moon (28 days) and observe others, consult with them and feel what it does to themselves before making big decisions. If the reflector doesn’t wait he/she will be disappointed in life and everybody else, including themselves.

Your unique role
In short, most of us are not here to initiate! No wonder many people are wasting their energy and get burnout or get indefinable physical, mental or emotional problems. After the first reading you start experimenting with your own unique strategy. For most of us this means waiting more than we are accustomed to do. For me as (manifesting) generator this felt at first instance as an "amputation" and simultaneously as a liberation. This also means you do not make decisions with your mind, but respect the wisdom of your body. My body knows when it is hungry, thirsty, and also where it gets sparks from or not. As a splenic manifesting generator that was and is all I needed. At first my mind stubbornly tried to take control. And in the beginning I was crazy about the idea of letting go ​​all those judgments, opinions and assumptions and sail on my bodily wisdom, but once you experience what life offers as you follow your manual and your true self then you know what you are doing. Precisely by experimenting yourself this wealth of knowledge becomes valuable. Living from the defined centers and observe where the energy of others come into your open fields, gives me a liberating feeling. I live consciously and act on what gives me energy and what not. More about my own process under Bio.
Obviously, each process will be unique after the first reading. That makes my work as an analyst and lecturer Human Design so valuable. I like to give readings and who wants to take the knowledge a step further I like to see in workshops or training after that. For each unique person there is an unique approach possible. Also after your own reading you can learn more about your partner, children, family or insight into the family where you grew up in.

This instrument is particularly suitable if you are at a crossroad (who am I, where am I, what can I do?) And also for businesses (career and personal effectiveness). Also a Partner Design (where we strengthen and weaken each other?) and Family Design (what connects us and how can I best assist my children?) can be made. Curious? Please contact us for more information or a reading.

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